Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Student Voice Website

Check out our new Glendowie School Student Voice website

This website replaces the GPS News website that we had last year. It will be run by the Year 8 Student Council. They will post about things happening around the school that they are involved in. Make sure to check it out to keep up to date with what is happening at GPS!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Helpful weather resources

At the moment we are learning about how weather conditions impact the places we go and what we do. We are also learning to read and interpret a weather map. 

These are some resources that can help build our understanding: 

Met Service - Looking at the weather in New Zealand. You can use this website to help you learn to interpret weather maps.

St Heliers weather station - Looking at the weather in our local community. You can use this website to help you learn to interpret weather maps.

Live Science - Information about weather fronts

Climate Education - Information about weather fronts

NASA (Weather and Climate) - Climate Change and Global Warming information

Science Kids (Weather for Kids) - Information on different aspects of the weather (quizzes, videos, experiments)

Web weather for kids - Weather glossary, information on weather fronts

Weather Wiz Kids - Information on weather systems

Weather for Kids - Information on weather systems

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What is a risk-taker?

For our 'Who We Are' unit we have been looking at what it means to be a risk-taker. Today we did a silent brainstorm on the whiteboard about what a risk taker looks like, sounds like and feels like. Many of us went outside of our comfort zones and came up and wrote our ideas in the correct area. Check out what Room 26 thinks a RISK TAKER is: 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cyber Safety

Today we have looked at what it means to be 'cyber safe' and how we can be 'cyber safe' whilst using our devices in class. We brainstormed these ideas on Padlet - it is a great way to brainstorm ideas so that we can refer back to them later on. Have a look at our ideas below.

Made with Padlet

Monday, February 6, 2017

Provocation Reflection

Answer these questions using full sentences

Title your blog post: Provocation reflection

  1. What did you notice during the provocation?
  2. How did the provocation make you feel?
  3. What would you do differently?
  4. What does ‘organisation’ mean to you?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 8 by Jace

Sadly this week it  rained a lot and we had to cancel sport 3 times but over all it has been an interesting week.

Tuesday:On Tuesday we had our student led conferences. It was good to be able to show our parents what we had been learning on a day to day basis and how we do things.I enjoyed showing my mum around the classroom and seeing all the work on the wall and what other people had done.  After we had all done our conferences it was time for science exploration. The activity we were going to was watch and record Miss Dixon making a lava lamp. The way it worked was Miss Dixon got a bottle and ¾ filled with oil then filled the rest with water. It was quite interesting how the water went to the bottom and the oil went to the top,we later found out that that was because water is more dense than oil therefore it sunk to the bottom of the bottle. Next we put in 10 drops of red food colouring which also sunk to the bottom. Next went in the boost tablet (when a boost tablet/berocca gets wet it lets of carbon dioxide that is why it fizzes)(boost tablets are made up of two layers so when the are dry they do not mix but when it gets wet it causes a chemical reaction which makes it let off the carbon dioxide). The boost tablet let of bubbles and made the bubbles float to the top the burst.That is how you make a lava lamp.

Wednesday:On wednesday we did chinese. At chinese we practised 4 sentence that we had learnt last week including hello,how old are you,where are you from and what is your name. But there was one bad thing at chinese and that was having to stand there enviously watching Miss Dixon eat moon cake and drink green tea.

Thursday: Today we learnt how to read weather maps.We learnt about all the different fronts and this included warm fronts,cold fronts,stationary fronts and occluded fronts.we also learnt about isobars and how they show the equal areas of air pressure and how wind flow in different directions depending on if it is a low or a high. I have also enjoyed this week because we have been watching lots of educational videos on the weather,how it works and what the different types are.

Friday: In the afternoon we did syndicate sport , which is when the year 7s do sport with year 8s.This week my group did long jump and shot put because we have got athletics coming up and we are practising for it. We have lots of different sports that we do  including sprints, relays, high jump and the ones listed above.

Every week the person who writes the blog changes so next week it will be a different person. Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 7 by Phoebe

This week was an interesting week, I couldn’t say it was the most focused week and I definitely couldn’t say it was the worst week because if it was we wouldn’t have the freedom to sit where we want. It would have to be boy girl and I think I can speak for everyone when I say no one wanted to do that.

Now I would talk about what we did every second of the week day but the only problem is I don’t remember so I am just going to say my highlights, and hopefully the rest of the classes.

Sport- this week we did plenty of sport which I really enjoyed so thank you Miss Dixon, I think I can speak for everyone when I say 22 skiddoo is our favourite game to play which we played every time there are the certain taggers that always get picked that are really fast which is really great fitness.

Tech- We had tech this week we had a surprisingly quite bus trip over were hardly anyone talked so it was a great napping area for sleepy children this was a bit shocking considering it was only tuesday once we finally got to tech we got asked to bring our 3d sketches to life and I had a look around, and every ones were looking pretty cool.

Chinese- This week for chinese we learnt countries and how to pronounce them and we also did a fun colouring activity were we would have to colour the flag with the correct colour and pattern, I could tell that every ones eyes were hooked watching all of the videos that the teacher showed us.

Year 6 Assembly- On thursday we had the year 6 assembly which got many laughs from a variety of ages. I think everyone enjoyed themselves especially the older kids because it involved a lot of youtube clips. There was even a ninja which all of the younger children and all of the old song that the parents loved so it was a great assembly for everyone to watch and probably one of my favourites this year.

Friday- Finally as the week came to an end everyone was relaxed and happy, we started the morning with math and then moved onto our inquiry research and watched a movie on exploring blizzards and cold weather. After lunch we had syndicate sports which was very fun. Everyone was happy and enjoying the last day until the weekend. We all hurried back to class to get changed before the three o’clock bell after school we had the disco which was a great way to end the week, hopefully everyone does their homework so that next can be a great week too.

I hope everyone has enjoyed hearing about room 25s highlights for this week. I’m sure next week will be just as good but I will not be writing so it might not be as good as this week’s blog.